Book Review: The Scorpio Races!

the scorpio races


There are hundreds of pony books but, in my experience, it’s very difficult to find a good young adult (YA)  horsey novel! In fact, it can be a challenge to find any YA horsey fiction at all!! That’s why I got so excited when I discovered The Scorpio Races. (And that I just love reading nearly as much as I love horses!)

I had very high expectations of this book and luckily it didn’t disappoint!!!

It is the  first day of November and so, today, someone will die.

Even under the brightest sun, the frigid autumn sea is all the colours of the night: dark blue and black and brown. I watch the ever-changing patterns in the sand as it’s pummelled by countless hooves.

They run the horses on the beach, a pale road between the black water and the chalk cliffs. It is never safe, but it’s never so dangerous as today, race day. – The Scorpio Races

The Scorpio Races, by Maggie Stiefvater, is the spellbinding, spine-tingling tale of the cappaill uisce – water horses who would sooner eat you than let you ride them. Every year, the islanders risk their lives to ride the savage cappaill uisce in the Scorpio Races, knowing they can only trust themselves.

Every year, the sea washes blood from the sand.

Only one rider understands the cappaill uisce and has the power to tame them. The mysterious Sean Kendrick, they say, has “one foot on the land and one foot in the sea”. This year he expects to race as usual. What he doesn’t expect is that there will be nothing usual about the upcoming race.

Puck Connolly (surnames are constantly repeated, family is important to the islanders) has always kept as far away from the cappaill uisce as is possible on the island. She knows their danger better than any, but this year she must race. It’s all or nothing. As Puck is irresistably drawn into even darker dangers, she realises that some things are inevitable – but that doesn’t mean she stops fighting. Not only is she the first girl to ever race, but her horse is unlike any other (to say more would be a spoiler!). Everything seems to be against her.

I loved The Scorpio Races! It lured me in and soon had me caught in its grip – I couldn’t put it down and stayed up all night reading it!! Maggie Striefvater is a spellbinding storyteller, who combines lyrical prose with thrilling adventure and a haunting romance.

The ending may have been a little predictable, but I would still highly recommend this book, especially to those who feel that most pony books are a bit young. It’s a captivating read, and a ride that will stay with you forever!!

Horse Daydreamer xxx


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