Equestrian Fashion!

equestrian fashionHello!

One of the many good things about horses is that they are completely unjudgemental!! They don’t care what we look like, or what we say, as long as we’re nice to them.

It’s a refreshing break from stressing over what to wear the rest of the time, but sometimes it takes longer to decide what to wear to the stables than anywhere else! There are so many thing to think about. What’s the weather like? Is it going to rain? How hot will you get while riding?

And even though the horses don’t mind what you look like, it can give you confidence and just be nice to look good!

Equestrian fashion may be influencing high street trends at the moment, but it has to consider different things to regular fashion and has its own unique style. Here are some of the key features of equestrian fashion!

Weather – If you ride or look after horses you’ll outdoors all year round, in all elements. Rain, storm, snow… horses need to be looked after whatever the weather. As with all “outdoorsy” people, having weather-proof clothes that will keep you warm and dry is probably the most important aspect of equestrian fashion.

Safety – As much as we love them, horses are unpredictable. It’s not their fault, but we need to make sure we’re safe around them. Sturdy, sensible boots are essential!

Practical – This one is pretty much common sense. You can’t really muck out a stable in high heels or ballet style shoes, can you? (If you’ve tried, let me know!!)

Warmth – Same as before, if you’re outdoors all day long you need to make sure you’re not going to get too cold or too hot. Equestrian clothing is often designed to be worn with layers so you can easily regulate your body temperature. Lots of thin layers are better at keeping you warm than one thick coat.

Comfortable – For obvious reasons, comfort is very important! Jodphurs have knee and seat patches for this reason, and are made from a soft, stretchy matierial so they won’t rub.

Close-fitting – Because horses are naturally prey animals they can be, as we all know too well, very spooky. Unless you ride one of those rare superstars who is completely bomb-proof, it’s worth putting some consideration into this. You don’t neccessarily have to wear really tight-fitting clothes around horses, but it’s important that your clothes won’t flap around and spook the horse or get caught on anything.

Tradition – There has been equestrian fashion for nearly as long as people have been riding. It can be nice to wear something traditionally associated with horses to show that you’re a horsey person – an easy way to find something in common and start a conversation – but it’s all down to your personal tastes in fashion.

Looks nice! – Last but not least is the obvious one! We all want to look nice, and looking the part will give you confidence, meaning that you’re more likely to ride well. It’s win-win!

With Christmas fast approaching, now could be the time to think about whether you need (or just would like!) any new equestrian clothing.

Bye for now!!

Horse Daydreamer xxx


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