Christmas With Horses!!

christmas horseMerry Christmas!!!

One of the things I love most about Christmas is the magic and beauty of this time of year. I volunteer for a horse charity and the excitement of the children I’ve been helping makes it really feels like Christmas!!

Before the children arrived for their riding lesson we (me and the other volunteers) decorated the suprisingly patient ponies in tinsel. They looked like fluffy, four-legged Christmas trees by the time we were done! We tied tinsel around their necks, in their manes and tails, and behind their saddles. The ponies were very interested in staring at themselves in the riding arena mirrors once we were done, but the children loved it!!!

I told you in a previous blog post here that I was going to Olympia Horse Show this Christmas. I went, and it was every bit as amazing as I’d anticipated!

The extreme driving, which I’d never seen before, was very impressive – the carriages had four horses and turned really tight circles between cones/blocks at speeds, according to the announcer, of over 25mph!!

The Household Mounted Cavalry Musical Ride was incredible too! I’ve done drill rides before, which are similar, and I know how difficult it is. We only tried to trot really slowly through each other, but they were galloping full speed and jumping over each other’s spears as they did so!!

There were so many things at Olympia worth telling you about that it would take forever, so I won’t try to tell you about any more for now. I’ll just say that, if you’ve never been to Olympia before, you should defintely go next year if you get the chance!! It’s brilliant, amazing, fantastic!!!!

My last riding lesson before Christmas was so much fun! We played gymkhana games, and I think my leaning-out-the-saddle-to-pick-things-up skills made up for the fact that my pony had a tendency to canter off to join the other team instead!!! Though, to be fair, it might have helped that I was riding quite a small pony while some of the others had 16hh horses!!

I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Bye for now!

Horse Daydreamer xxx


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