These Boots Were Made For… Horses!

country bootsHi everyone!

If there’s one thing that says equestrian fashion! horse lover! it has to be country boots!! There’s something almost quintessentially country about them – they’re practical yet beautiful and evocative of many horse related memories, from visiting a country show, to working on the yard.

These boots have become incredibly popular in the horse world and are made for people who spend lots of time at the stables.

Country boots are great because they can stand traipsing through the mud and puddles to catch a horse, but also look good on the high street or when going out with non-horsey friends. Many are also designed to be safe in stirrups so you can ride in them as well!!

Classic examples of country boots include Ariat’s Windermere Boots (£159.99) and Dublin’s River Boots (£149.99), although there are many others. As you’ll see from the prices, they’re not cheap!!! Country boots generally range from £50 – £300, but if you find good quality ones and look after them well they can last for years.

If you buy some country boots it’s important to shop around a bit and make sure you find some that fit well. Buying online can be tempting, but if you have a local tack shop it might be best to look there first so you can try some on. Having said that, it can be helpful to check out some reviews online to see what other people have found. Word of mouth is good too! All country boots are different, and the ones that look good might not neccessarily be the one’s that last!!

Personally I like brown country boots most, but they come in various shades – although mostly brown or black. I don’t know, brown seems more country somehow – maybe it’s just the mud!!!

Keep loving horses!

Horse Daydreamer xxx



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