Wild Heart

wild heartI wanted to share this poem I wrote with you. It’s called Wild Heart. I love reading and writing, and sometimes I turn my daydreams into a poem or story.

Wild Heart was inspired by the New Forest ponies I saw when I went camping there with some friends, and the strange longing us humans have to be able to tame wild horses. You only have to look as far as all the pony books to see that the befriending of wild/difficult horses is a common theme. Admit it, who hasn’t dreamt of the horse only they could ride?

There’s a saying that if inside every wild horse is a tame horse, then inside every tame horse is a wild horse. Sometimes the pony we adore might not share our love, and just want more than anything to be free. It’s this idea that I wanted to explore in my poem.

Because it’s essentially a love poem, I tried to write it in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet to express the girl’s love for the pony. In the end I decided not to let it not be confined by the rules of poetry form, which is why it’s not a typical 14 line sonnet.

I hope you enjoy reading it, and any constructive criticism or thoughts on it are welcome!


Wild Heart

Moving between the thick oaks and alder,
Cautious, are the ponies of the forest.
Their moonlit shadows make me recall her,
The pony I loved dearest.

Ribs sharp as flint stones stretched her blackberry coat;
She’d been rounded up from her wild herd.
She loved me not, although I clung to hope,
The mare with soul of a bird.

One year she left, galloped away, was gone.
I knew she had a wild heart, but still
Shed liquid stars in the silence so long
For my pony of untamed will.


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