A Tribute to the Horse

Sometimes the world can be noisy and distracting. A cynical place, where it is all too easy to lose touch with our dreams and become convinced that for whatever reason it is not realistic to follow our passions. I know that I know the feeling. But what if we were given our passions for a reason? Are we just going to ignore that? Sometimes we need to reconnect with a little childlike innocence and magic, for how can we find out what is really possible if we don’t hold onto our dreams?

I want to share a few videos that I found online with you. Make sure you have the volume turned on because the music is important. I hope they help you remember just why you love horses, why they are worth loving. Here is a Tribute to The Horse:

A reminder of their beautiful spirit:

The memory of childhood adoration and the pure joy of pony-filled days:

I was never one of those lucky children with their own pony. I was never able to join a Pony Club Branch, but I did go to a Pony Club Centre based in a riding school. I was lucky in a different way and, perhaps, everyone who gets to experience the simple innocent joy of loving a horse is lucky. We must not let the jaded, complicated, adult world take this away from us. Remember what you love and stay true to that – in whatever form that may take.

I hope you enjoy these videos, but don’t forget that to bring dreams to life you must act.

Horse Daydreamer x


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