A Tribute to the Horse

Sometimes the world can be noisy and distracting. A cynical place, where it is all too easy to lose touch with our dreams and become convinced that for whatever reason it is not realistic to follow our passions. I know that I know the feeling. But what if we were given our passions for a reason? Are we just going to ignore that? Sometimes we need to reconnect with a little childlike innocence and magic, for how can we find out what is really possible if we don’t hold onto our dreams?

I want to share a few videos that I found online with you. Make sure you have the volume turned on because the music is important. I hope they help you remember just why you love horses, why they are worth loving. Here is a Tribute to The Horse:

A reminder of their beautiful spirit:

The memory of childhood adoration and the pure joy of pony-filled days:

I was never one of those lucky children with their own pony. I was never able to join a Pony Club Branch, but I did go to a Pony Club Centre based in a riding school. I was lucky in a different way and, perhaps, everyone who gets to experience the simple innocent joy of loving a horse is lucky. We must not let the jaded, complicated, adult world take this away from us. Remember what you love and stay true to that – in whatever form that may take.

I hope you enjoy these videos, but don’t forget that to bring dreams to life you must act.

Horse Daydreamer x


What Makes a True Horsewoman?

alycia-burtonWhat makes a true horseman/ horsewoman?

How can we ride like those who inspire us?

Is it even possible or just a beautiful dream, reserved only for the elusive few to achieve?

We love to hear about inspirational horse riders because they act as our aspirational selves – they’re who we want to be. There comes a point though when it’s not enough just to witness others succeed. Dreams are all very well, but we need to believe!!

Reality and dreams collide harshly though, and all to often our hopes are quashed in the process. Time, money, age, responsibilities, expectations… so many things seem to stand against us in our quest to greatness. It was easy for them, we can’t help telling ourselves. They came from a horsey family/ were riding before they were born/ had plenty of money/ a million other reasons that we’re jealous of those we admire. Often it’s true. But they had their own challenges, just as we have ours. It might not be easy, but we can achieve!!!

Anything is possible in life, if only you can somehow hold onto your dream. – Pippa Funnell

There’s a lot of truth in Pippa Funnell’s words. We tend to let life, doubts, expectations in the way. It’s all too easy to give up on our dreams, but it’s only by chasing them that we can ever realise what we thought was impossible.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

It’s important to have dreams that seem impossible, dreams that scare us, because it’s only by aspiring to be more than we are now that we can achieve and grow into who we are meant to be. Dreams act as a destination point for us, and life is a whole lot easier if you know where you’re going! Even if you don’t know quite what it’ll look like, having a vague compass direction will help guide your journey. It’s just the journey that’s difficult!

Impossible dreams need to be broken down into possible yet intimidating steps, which need to be further broken down into smaller, more tangible, achievable goals. These goals must be actively worked on rather than just dreamed about, and should be measurable in some way. Set a time scale for these and review them regularly. Adapt them if necessary, but be courageous enough to push yourself out your comfort zone.

If your dream is worthwhile to you, then take fear as a sign that you’re doing something right! Push at your limits and boundaries – you’ll find you’re capable of more than you thought, and sooner or later your impossible dreams will seem not so impossible after all!!

Good luck!! Keep dreaming your dreams alive!

Horse Daydreamer xxx

25 Things We Love About Ponies!!!

children & ponyHi everyone!

Since you’re here you obviously love horses and ponies, but when people ask us why we love them so much it can be difficult to put it into words! Horses are just amazing, how can anyone not love them?!! Anyway, I’ve had a good long think and come up with 25 reasons we love ponies. Here goes:

1) They’re cute…

Ok, this one sounds a bit shallow but ponies are just adorable, there’s no denying it!

2) …and fluffy!

Ponies give the best hugs! And when they nuzzle you for carrots, who can resist?!

3) Ponies are fun!!

We enjoy being with ponies, and that has to be the most important reason of all!

4) They never judge us!

Ponies don’t care who you are or what you’ve done. They forgive easily, don’t hold grudges, and live in the present. As long as you’re nice to them then that’s all that matters.

5) They let us forget the world!

Work, stress, arguments… it all dissolves when you’re with horses. Riding needs concentration so you have to clear your mind of everything else.

6) Ponies bring peace!

When you’re with ponies you just are! You exist. There’s something very relaxing about simply watching ponies in the field or munching a haynet.

7) They spread laughter!!

Whatever goes wrong – and it does go wrong when you’re around ponies – there’s always a funny side to it!!! (Usually…)

8) They understand!

This one’s hard to explain. People say that ponies don’t understand us, and maybe they don’t understand our words, but they do pick up on our emotions. Ponies are intuitive. You can just sense that they understand.

9) They give us confidence!

Riding or even just spending time around ponies gives us confidence and a sense of self-worth. That’s why they’re used for therapeutic riding. Besides, when you realise that a 400kg animal with many times your strength (watch this) will listen to you, it has to do something for your self-esteem!!!

10) Ponies are empowering!!!

They let us achieve what we never thought we could, and that confidence and inner strength has to rub off on the rest of our lives! Where would we be without them?

11) They’re humbling!

Let’s admit it: ponies are unpredictable and not everything will always go to plan! Arrogance can’t exist for long when you’re around ponies. They don’t care if you’ve won a million red rosettes, they’ll throw you off just the same!!

12) Ponies make us all equal!

Money, age, background – none of it makes a difference when you’re in the saddle! Ponies bring together all sorts of people!! Did you know that horse riding is one of the only Olympic sports where women and men compete as equals?

13) There’s always something to learn!

There’s always something new to learn and another pony to ride. It’s a never ending quest for knowledge!

14) Ponies let us achieve the impossible!!

From being brave enough to perform in front of an audience to galloping faster than the wind, ponies let us achieve beyond what we thought we ever could!!!

15) Ponies lend us speed…

The average horse can gallop at 30mph, a thoroughbred racehorse can gallop up to 40mph, and quarter horse racehorses have been known to reach 50mph over short distances!!!! Even if most of us never reach those speeds, ponies lend us wings and let us fly!!

16) …strength…

Inner strength and physical strength. Heaving that wheelbarrow to the top of the muck heap mountain has to do something for our muscles!!

17) …and adrenaline!

Galloping across the moors. Improvising a game of horse ball or polo. Racing towards a giant hedge out hunting. Even just navigating our way around a show jump course. It makes our hearts beat faster and may be a bit scary, but it’s so exhilarating!! And we feel so, so alive!!!

18) Ponies are beautiful!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but just let us gaze at ponies all day long! As Winston Churchill once said “there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

19) They lead us on a path of discovery!

Ponies help us discover so much, both about ourselves and the places we ride through. How else would we have noticed that the view looks so much better through a pony’s ears? Who else could have mirrored the depths of our soul?

20) They make the best friends!

This is why we loved ponies so much when we were little and still turn to them for comfort or fun today. They never lie and will love us forever!! Sentimental maybe but true!!!

21) They communicate without words and are always honest!

Humans are complicated and small talk tedious. While we all need human friends as well, ponies are far better!! With ponies we don’t have to hide anything and can truly be ourselves.

22) Ponies have great personalities!

Remember that cheeky Shetland from when you were young? The escape artist who always looked as though butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth? The smallest ponies have the biggest personalities!! We can never forget them!

23) We experience all emotions with them!!

Joy, fear, relief, love, tears, laughter… Ponies teach us about life – especially when we’re young – and are always there to share a hug at the end of the day.

24) They form our identity!!

For those of us who truly live, breathe, and dream horses they help form our identity. They shape us, define us, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!!!!

25) We’re just plain mad!!!!!

Yep, that’s the truth of it!

Whatever you do, keep loving horses and ponies!

Horse Daydreamer xxx

My First Blog Post!!!

Hello world!black horse & sky

Well, this is it. My own personal corner of the internet. I’ve decided to start a blog!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to tell someone what you want to say. Writing is easier because you can plan what you’re going to say first and only people who are actually interested will read it. Here my words have the potential to reach millions, and even if the only person to ever read this is me, it’s a way to express my voice.

I’m going to be talking horses, horses, and more horses. Why? Horses are amazing!! Chances are, if you’re reading this you agree. The internet has the power to connect us fellow horse lovers and create an online community, however remote this one may be. Let’s spread the equine love!

Ten things you might find in my blog:

  1. beautiful horse photos
  2. stories from my horsey life
  3. riding tips
  4. random horse facts
  5. things we love about ponies
  6. equine book reviews
  7. horse poems
  8. thoughts on natural horsemanship
  9. horsey lifestyles
  10. anything else I feel like writing about!

If you have any horse related ideas of things you’d like me to write about, or any comments on what I’ve written, let me know. Just click on the comments link at the top of this post and a box will appear below!

I’m going to remain anonymous but here’s a bit about me: I’m a horse mad British teenager, started riding over seven years ago, and have a tendency to use too many exclamation marks!!! I don’t have a horse or pony of my own, but go to a riding school and have other ways of getting my horsey fix!

I hope you enjoy my blog. I’ll be writing more about ponies, riding, and my horsey life before long so check back soon.

Until then, keep daydreaming of horses!

Horse Daydreamer xxx